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Welcome to my website. My name is Raymond Wang and I’m 12 years old. I live in Fresh Meadows, New York in a new house that is big and roomy.

I’m currently studying a lot of stuff at school, but some things, I am studying privately. I am really excited with the Guitar and Music classes I have been taking with Bruce Arnold.

This website will contain music and art and other fun stuff that I’ve created. Currently I’m working on Classical, Jazz and Blues Guitar, and I’m recording classical pieces by Bach, Beethoven, Corulli and other great composers. I will be posting my performances of this music on this website.

I also like to draw and create images with alcohol markers. I found out about alcohol markers on YouTube, and I really like the colors and how they blend. I will posting be some of my art creations on this website, too.

I hope you enjoy my creations. Please come back often to hear more music and see more artwork.


I have been studying the guitar since I was 10. I play electric and acoustic guitar now. This is my music page which contains recordings of pieces thatI have learned on the guitar recently. I recorded this music at Sanford Sound recording studio with Bruce Arnold as audio engineer. He is also showing me how to work with recording applications like ProTools. He is also showing me how to repair my guitars. Repairing an acoustic guitar is different from working on an electric guitar.

Electric and acoustic guitars are very different to play. Electric guitar can play really loud and you can choose all kinds of effects for it. Acoustic guitar has a wider neck, the sound is very rich and sweet because if is hollow and wood with a large sound hole. Electric is heavier and the strings are made from metal, while the acoustic guitar’s strings are made from nylon…that is another reason the sound is gentle. another bigidifference is that when I play acoustic guitar, it is usually written music. When I play the electric guitar, I can improvise, and that’s a whole other thing.


This is my art page where I have examples of art that I’ve created with during the last two years. These art pieces are made with pencil, pen and alcohol markers. These images are kid friendly and are mostly 8.5 X 11 in size.


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